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Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Sure, we like Rock City. But apparently, so do these people. Here’s what they have to say about Dave Clark’s newest melodic hard rock release…

ROCK CITY by Dave Clark
(Independent Release)

‘Rock City’, the melodic rock debut release by Singer/Songwriter Dave Clark delivers 11 rocking tracks that are right out the 80’s arena rock playbook and given a modern day upgrade. Does Dave Clark try to reinvent the wheel here? Absolutely not. But there is something to be said for excellent production, tight performances, great songwriting and vocals. Dave Clark handles the vocals as well as the majority of rhythm, lead and bass guitars,  Kolby Peoples on guitar, Eric “Eroc” Sosinski (Wish You Were Here) on bass, J.B. Kocis, Mark Savale, John Skrada on drums and Jimmy Clark (Joan Jett, Debbie Harry) on drums, percussion. After my initial listen to the album I am really digging all the tracks especially,  “Alisa”, “Light Up The Sky”, “Will To Survive”, “Dreamin'” and “Dream Chaser”. I’m sure this album is going to get some serious replay time for me for months to come. If you like music that favors musicianship and songwriting over pretty face, no-talent singers, take a run at ‘Rock City’ by Dave Clark. A album that will easily slide into your electronic device of choice, and no doubt stay there for weeks. I would highly recommend this album to any fan of melodic rock…heck, I’d recommend it to anyone who appreciates superior production, songwriting and musicianship regardless of their musical taste. – Tony Cruz Sison @ The Dedicated Rocker Society (Oct. 2019)

A great present arrived today!!!! THANK you Dave Clark!!!! My pleasure to play some pure American Melodic Hard rock!!! – Antonis Karampalis,

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“I had the thrill of giving a proper listen to the amazing album, “Rock City” by my good friend Dave Clark. Knowing Dave so well and thinking of all the years we have kept in touch, it’s easy to be biased. After a critical listen, I can honestly say I am very impressed. Quite simply, the album rocks your head and hits you in the heart where it counts. So many bands from the 80s that are still recording material could only hope to put out a song cycle this good. – Bill Wasco

“People often ask me if there is any new music worth listening to. Honestly, the new CD by my high school friend Dave Clark should be a serious candidate for indie rock album of the year. Yes, it’s that good. If you’re a fan of 80s rock with powerful guitars and catchy melodies, this is for you. Think of guitar-oriented melodic rock like Bon Jovi /Extreme/Aldo Nova with Clark’s lead vocals reminiscent of Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum) and fantastic harmonies similar to Night Ranger/Bad English/Damn Yankees. It has that classic power rock sound of our younger days with the production and twist of modern rock. Check out this tune from the CD (and wait for the :40 mark when it really kicks in!) If you like it, please share and spread the word. And oh, why not support a quality indie musician and buy his CD. You won’t be disappointed!” – Tim Spicer

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“I found the music catchy, energetic, melodic, hard rockin,’ anthemic, diverse with a lot of character and spirit with the song structures. The musicianship is thrilling. Good solid vibe, great production, excellent songwriting and fabulous vocals throughout. You can feel the energy and sound waves through the speakers. I can’t fault the album at all.” – Nicky Baldrian, Fireworks Magazine, Wales, U.K.

“Rock City arrived yesterday! Already listened all the way through! Great sounds😊❤️” – Debbie K

“Luv this album! When will the second album be ready?” – J. Ott

“The album is awesome! Congrats!” – C. Ott

“My new favorite CD just arrived. Congratulations to Dave Clark on fulfilling your dream and giving us some awesome music!” – D. Zmecek

“It was a real pleasure to work with you and Jimmy on this project! Always fun to play cool tunes with guys that know how to rock – and work with pros like Brandon Youngs at Track Six Recording. Looking forward to crankin’ the volume on this!” – Eric “Eroc” Sosinski

“After several years in the making, Fountain Hills singer/songwriter Dave Clark is releasing his album, “Rock City.” Known for performing throughout the Valley, including Fountain Hills, Clark is a multi-instrumentalist, as well as vocalist. “Rock City” features 11 tracks representing the best of Clark’s songwriting catalog. He says the “feel good” songs harken back to the “‘80s MTV hard rock” era with a modern twist.” – Fountain Hills Times (9-4-19)

“The song (Dream Chaser) has been stuck in my head for days.” – Karen S.

“Love it…great job, great talent.” – Steven P.

“The more I listen to it, the more I love it. Every song is good.” – Melinda P.

“It really is great. Full of earworms, every song is strong. Great job Brother!” – Kevin M.

“Just got it today and it is fabulous! Great job!!” – Doris K.

“Your whole CD is a hit.” – Carol S.

“Congratulations on a really good album. Some great playing and sounds on it.” – Mike H.

“First off, let me congratulate you on putting together an entertaining and catchy set of songs. There are no real clunkers in the set.  So far, my favorite track is “Why Does She Cry” with “Light Up the Sky” coming in a close second. I still think “Spend Some Time on Love” has single potential as well as “It’s Not Too Late.” Great job on selecting “If You Only Knew” as the closer, it just has that feel as a closing track.” – Michael H.

“Beautiful voice.” – Mellisa I.


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