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Lonely No More

The ultimate love story of finding true love under the most unexpected circumstances. “Like steel that just won’t bend, my love I will defend, from now until the end.”

Lonely No More
Dave Clark
Rock City

A bit of a grammatical nightmare in a sense, as the phrase “I’ll never be lonely no more” is a bit of a double negative. As a purported writer who appreciates proper grammar, Dave stewed over this conundrum for weeks until producer Mikey Bolenbach chimed in that sometimes proper grammar and rock ‘n’ roll just don’t mix.

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Pointing out that Van Halen’s Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love wasn’t exactly Shakespearian, but still rocked, the grammar gaffe was overlooked so the words could flow like a river, deliver consonance to the ear, even if they make English teachers around the world cringe. Lonely No More is the third single from the album Rock City.

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