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The Story of Rock City

By: Dave Clark

Music has been a huge part of who I am my entire life. It’s in my DNA. Every worthwhile experience, adventure and encounter has had music as its soundtrack. Providing the emotion and inspiration to life’s most meaningful moments, music’s energy just has a way of making everything better.

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Combining equal parts fictional fantasy and real-life, Rock City, is my own personal music journey over 30 years in the making. The embodiment of my best songwriting to date, these eleven songs represent emotion-fueled stories, some originally hatched from just a few notes or a simple phrase. Cultivating these ideas and turning them into what they are today took years of perspective. The final part of the journey was taking these ideas from my mind, tracking them in the studio and getting some incredible assists from a few extremely talented individuals who helped make this album fully come to life.

Having lived in three states, I’ve enjoyed many unique life experiences. Though I may now live in the southwestern desert, I’m proud to say I’m originally from Cleveland…America’s Rock City! With the release of Rock City, I can finally check off life goal and bucket list item #1. I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed imagining it, creating it and watching it come to life. – Dave Clark

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Musicians who appeared on Rock City:

Dave Clark: All vocals, rhythm/lead guitar, bass, keyboards

Eroc Sosinski: Bass (Dream Chaser, It’s Not Too Late, Will to Survive, Spend Some Time on Love)

Jimmy Clark: Drums (all those above + Light Up The Sky)

J.B. Kocsis: Drums (Lonely No More, Alisa)

Mark Savale: Drums (Make Me Laugh, Why Does She Cry, Dreamin’)

Dave Kriedeman: Bass (If You Only Knew)

John Skrada: Drums (If You Only Knew)

Kolby Peoples: lead guitar (Dreamin’, Make Me Laugh, Light Up The Sky, Alisa), other key contributions

Thanks to these musical icons for inspiring me: Randy Rhoads, Robin Zander, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Butch Walker, Sammy Hagar, John Sykes, Phil Lynott, RJD, Michael Kiske, Bruce Dickinson, Michael Schenker, Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance.

Many people played some role in helping this album come to life and every one of them are greatly appreciated. Thanks to: Keith “Eddie E” Bartuccio, Dan “Meathead” Sevic, Ken Smejkal, Kevin Montavon, Steve “Jovi” Clinard, Todd Stoneman, Brian Kelly, Jeff Romanski, Scott & Dawn, Ed Miller, CJ Szuter, Chris Ozimek, Craig Guzik, Paul Meluch, Mike Ott, the upstate gang (Tom, Ted, Doc & wives), Paul Sidoti, Nick Pauley, Bob Kufleitner, Tom Yeigh, Paul Niebrzydowski, Mike, Debbie & Michelle Habrat, David Ellefson & family, Kat George for believing in my music during its neophyte stages, and to Tom Kundrat for lighting a fire under my ass to get back out and perform live again.

Thanks to David Demson, Phil Rodakis at Phil’s Filling Station, Vic Buono at Nicantoni’s, Brad & Barb Tesch at Saddle Bronc and every establishment that has welcomed me to perform, Melody Myers for the amazing album cover & CD design, Billy O’Reilly at B&D Guitars for ensuring my guitars are in top shape, Laura Rosch Photography for the killer photos, Diana Galeno for the great website design, Brandon Youngs for tracking the Cleveland sessions, and to all the musicians I have played with over the years; it’s been a pleasure.

Special thanks to: Kolby “Beetus” Peoples, Mike Bolenbach, Joe Thalman and the monkey, at Full Well Studios for pushing me to my limits and capturing my best possible performances. You guys truly do poop sunshine. And to the stellar musicians who helped bring this vision to life, you guys absolutely rock: J.B. Kocis, Mark Savale, Kolby Peoples, Dave Kriedeman, John Skrada, Eroc Sosinski and Superman himself, Jimmy Clark.

Extra Special thanks to: Serena and Arianne Clark for being completely supportive of my musical endeavors and to Karen Strejnowski for being my very first fan.


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